The Ten Million Invocations of Esnesnon is a procedurally generated pseudo-religious text consisting of precisely 10,000,000 passages arranged in a specific order. 222 milliseconds after 22:22 on 22/02/2022 (GMT), this ritual device will begin reciting the entire text from beginning to end at a rate of four invocations per minute. The process will take just under five years to complete, wrapping up 22 seconds and 222 milliseconds after 1:02am on Wednesday 25th of November, 2026.

If you would like to see the text recited from the beginning in your own time, an earlier version of The Ten Million Invocations of Esnesnon is available in Issue 2 of Backslash Lit. Before that, it was an entry to IntroComp 2020.

The font used is Chapbook by Feòrag.

Also available - at or above the $2.00 suggested donation - is a Python script capable of writing all 10,000,000 invocations into a text file. It's a little cumbersome, took almost 8 minutes to run on my very capable gaming rig, and the resulting 1.9GB file (if you choose to generate the full range of 1 to 10,000,000) will likely crash any text editor you use to open it. All in all, it's probably not worth $2.00 in its own right, but it's there as a perk if you choose to support my work financially.


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