Written for Neo-Twiny Jam, One-Word Warlock is just 476 words long in total (excluding the macros/HTML used for the sound effects, and less still if all other macros were to be eliminated from the count). On top of that, each passage and choice is just a single word in length.

All the sound effects are me making noises with my mouth, except for the page flips which were produced using a copy of Oli Jacobs' Deep Down There.

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AuthorDamon L. Wakes
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsComedy, Dragons, Fantasy, Parody, Short, Sound effects, Text based, Twine, twiny-jam, Wizards


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Such a good use of the constraint, and very funny too. Great use of audio—no one should play this without sound! Congrats!

Thanks! The audio was (as always) a little last-minute, but I ended up recording so many lines that the non-voiced passages felt a bit bare: I ended up adding the random page-flip sounds just to fill the gaps.

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That 'nah' got me laughing. The fact that you can still get the gist of the story despite everything being single word is amazing. Fun!

Also, we need more 'autodefenestrate' as an action choice, and the amount of reference you can manage to include in such small space is astounding :)


Though this was mostly an exercise in squeezing as many passages as possible out of a tiny word count, I did actually find that the self-imposed one-word limit prompted a bit of creativity in terms of exactly how things were phrased. I wasn't even positive that "autodefenestrate" was a real word when I settled on it, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was!


OH this was so fuuun!
The audio added so much to the story. the SCHWING of the sword absolutely killed me xD


I'm glad you liked it! (And I'm firmly of the opinion that "SCHWING" is the sound all swords should make.)


"SCHWING" said the sword

"THONK" said the stone

"ka-SNAP" said the towel

"But it's pronounced 'hwoo-pshh'" it added sagely