My entry for both Global Game Jam 2023 (with the theme "Roots") and GDevelop Game Jam #3 (with the theme "Separation").

Also available on Liluo.

Nine Hole Ninja ultimately won the Nathalie Lawhead award!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorDamon L. Wakes
GenreSports, Puzzle
TagsFMV, full-motion-video, gdevelop-jam-3, ggj2023, Golf, Ninja, Physics, roots, separation


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Nine Hole Ninja-2_0_0.apk 48 MB
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Nine Hole Ninja-2_0_0-windows.exe 100 MB
Nine Hole 127 MB
Nine Hole 123 MB 2 MB

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I love the audiovisual side of this, especially the audio XD The gameplay was a bit frustrating whenever I had to wait for the ball to stop (the fact that I misunderstood the aiming system until some point in the 3rd level didn't help lol) but otherwise it was fun.


I'm glad that works! The audio was 100% random mouth noises, except for the kazoo and the sword swing (which I think was me scraping an old linoleum knife against a miniature spanner). I feel as though a lot of my jam entries deliver maybe one solid chunk of gameplay but very little in terms of levels or story, so this was an attempt to focus more on both those things.

The extreme length of time for the balls to stop rolling on occasion would definitely be something to tackle in a revised version or basically any other golf game - I also wonder if I could have just broken up any long flat areas into wibbly-wobbly zig zags with areas for the ball to stop, but that might have made it much more difficult to predict ricochets.


This is fun XD. Only suggestion I could make is on flat surfaces the balls sometimes take a really long time to stop before you can move them again. On the plus side I guess it adds to the intended frustration.


Yeah, that's been a definite theme in the responses so far - in hindsight I probably should have found a way to cut the wait down, but in previous jams I've often ended up spending too long tweaking details early on. This time around I pretty much spent the Friday evening of Global Game Jam working out the golf mechanic, the Saturday making the levels, and the time left on Sunday doing all the effects, sound and video (though the video took long enough that it only made it into the GDevelop Jam version, which had a later deadline).


This is hilarious! Great fun. At one point I literally wanted to grab my screen and flip it over so the darn balls would roll where I needed them to lol


I found the same thing testing it out on my phone! It would be neat to have a golf game where that was an option, though I don't really have a plan for how it would work.


This game is really fun!