Background image by Thom Masat.

This game placed 3rd in IntroComp 2021.

I know timed text doesn't tend to go down well in interactive fiction circles, but this is a game all about getting carried along with no control over what you're doing so I felt as though it fitted. In fact, typically the only influence you have is to decide what you don't want to do: you get a veto rather than a choice!


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I had to keep trying and trying until I found an ending that did not involve me going SPLAT or BOOM (whether it was by the orange BOOMs or the pretty flower BOOM). The tone of the story was super entertaining - and the point of view was refreshing after all the human-POV zombie apocalypse stories I've seen.


Glad you like it! I set it up to be fairly unforgiving - barring a very lucky sequence of choices I think you more or less have to take a couple of tries working out where to budget your willpower.


Heh, I went out with a loud boom (and took probably half the city with me). Never was is more clear to me that I should resist... but I didn't have any left. Very entertaining.

Haha! I tried to balance this so there was a fair chance of that happening. Glad you liked it!