Introduction: A game by Damon L. Wakes and Paul Robins for the 2021 Southampton Global Game Jam on the theme of lost and found.

Controls: Type stuff!

Objectives: Uncover the location of your lost passport by returning five other lost things to their proper place! Typing SCORE will show your progress. You will likely find it useful to EXAMINE, TAKE, GIVE, and ASK [people] ABOUT [things - typically your lost passport].


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_take stained underwear_

I like this!
Might have helped the flow if the staff had name tags so I could type a shorter name rather than their job title.

Was sad I couldn't ">Find God" in the chapel.

Seems very well done!

Thanks! Name tags would have been a good idea - I did find that it felt like I was doing quite a bit of typing just to test the thing (though that was spread across way more sessions than an actual player would bother with). This is the first substantial text adventure I've written (and I'm not a big text adventure player) so I'm afraid I had a hard time guessing what commands people would be likely to try. "Find God" would have been a good one.


Nice little game, interesting choice of cameo. Managed to probably skip most of the game, though.