Made for Bitsy Jam #68 - the theme was hibernation.

 I made this with M么si, which I found I got on with better than Bitsy itself. Bitsy's alright - I might give it another go some other time - but M么si generates a nice big grid of rooms that don't have to be manually linked, which was very handy throughout.

If you're curious about the project described in this game, here's a picture of the work-in-progress. It still needs a proper watch case I can fit a strap to (and the ability to hibernate without losing track of time), but otherwise I feel as though it's not too bad for an early effort!

^A photograph of a small LCD screen in a 3D-printed housing. It shows the Cistercian numerals for 1212 and 2115 (meaning December 12th and 21:15 respectively).


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Cool project and cool game. I liked the clockwork feel of the music and the feeling of walking around a circuit board. Plus I learned something new!

Glad you liked it! Also that the whole circuit board style came across okay - it's quite a challenge with just three colours and 8x8 sprites.


What a cool project! Thank you for sharing your process and thoughts in this little game. I liked how the structure of the rooms mirrored the subject of discussion. Really nicely done!

Thanks! I'm glad that came across okay - it's my first time doing one of these so I was piecing a lot of it together as I went along.