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Draw Nine puts you in the role of a magician whose powers depend on a pack of magic cards. These can help or harm, but the selection available to you is determined randomly at the start of the game. Since you cannot choose your cards, you must find the path through the world that makes the most of the powers at your disposal.

A game by Damon L. Wakes.

Artwork by Joe Wright.

Special thanks to Xalavier Nelson Jr.Felicity Drake, and everyone from IntroComp 2018, without whom this game would most likely not exist.


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Just one play so far, but I will do so again. Very enjoyable, with great writing and interesting game mechanics via the cards. I'd love to see you create a much longer, broader game, with increased choices and consequences.

Thanks for giving it a go! I've actually got quite a range of other games already written, but not yet made them available on Itch specifically. I'm hoping to take the opportunity to improve them a little before I do. Project Procrustes might be close to what you're looking for, though: it allows you to create your own character and plays out very differently depending on your choices.

Thanks – I'd already taken a look at your site and seen your other games. Will hopefully give a few a go sometime soon.


I played this several times in a row, to get all the plot and had a lot of fun doing so! The art is really beautiful and the story was touching.

Great work!

So glad you liked it! I was hoping there'd be enough to the story that people would give it more than one go.